The Best Time to Have AC Repair Performed

Question: Want to know the best time to have AC repair performed? Answer: Before your air conditioning system breaks down. That’s right, when you call in the service professionals before your system actually goes kaput, you’re holding the power card. Nothing could be worse than having to call in the service professionals on the first day of summer when the temperatures skyrocket. Why? Because everyone else in your town just flicked on their machines and realized they were broken, too. Beat everyone to the punch by having your appliance fixed before it conks out on you Jennair Appliance Repair.


You, the homeowner, can perform prevention steps fairly easily. Number 1: replace your filters every single month like clockwork. How can you possibly remember to do this task? Here are some ideas: mark your calendar, do the job on full moons, choose a memorable day like the 1st of the month, or choose your lucky number as the filter-changing-date. Is your lucky number 7? Mark your calendar to change the filter on the 7th of every month. It will be your lucky number, too, because your air conditioner will work more efficiently. Other preventative steps include keeping the unit outside cleaned off and free of debris, not changing the thermostat erratically, and scheduling a seasonal checkup with the pros.

Seasonal Checkup

Long before the heat wave of summer arrives, have the service professionals come out to give your air conditioner a checkup. Your tech will check all moving parts, check air flow through the ductwork, make sure the thermometer is measuring temps correctly, and perform any AC repair tasks that may be needed. This will let you sleep at night, knowing that all systems are ready for the dog days of summer. While your neighbors are wishing they had followed your lead and called for service before their units broke down, you’ll be lounging on your recliner watching sports events on television in your chilled living room.

Establish a Relationship

It’s helpful to establish a relationship with a topnotch AC repair company in your area. By calling them in before the seasonal crunch, you’ll be able to spend some time with them and develop a bond. That way, if anything does go wrong with your appliance at some point, they’ll remember you as their loyal customer and move your name to the top of their appointment list, as needed.

The best time to have AC repair performed is before you actually need it. Take some steps toward prevention, schedule seasonal maintenance, and establish a relationship with a service company in your region. Your neighbors will be watching you and learning from your wisdom. You’ll save money and stay cool during any heat wave Mother Nature throws at you.

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